The Pegasus Solution

Pegasus Bullion gives you access to the investment grade gold in amounts as low as 1 Gram* to even 1kg bar. We simplify the process and cost structures making it easy for individuals to buy however much they want, whenever they want.
There is no exorbitant bid-ask spread, just one price to buy or sell at. We also provide storage and safe keeping services for gold bullion at low and affordable rates.


Pegasus Bullion offers
our clients an exclusive
rebate and buy-back scheme.
No expensive bid-ask spreads!
Save on commissions and fees.
We offer a secure and safe
storage option at very reasonable
rates for clients who do not wish
to take their bullion home.
Pegasus Bullion gold is
investment grade and of ‘good
delivery’ status. We carry
credible and trustworthy
hallmarks that are recognized
Collect your physical gold bullion
upon request

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