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Pegasus Bullion

When all asset classes fail, Gold does not

Company Background

We are a subsidiary of our parent company Pegasus Investments specializing in the trading and retailing of physical gold. Over the years, our traders have built up a position in physical gold bullion.


Professionalism is deeply rooted as our company’s foundation with all other elements built on top of it. Through professionalism, transparency and constant communication, our company can withstand the test of time.

The Pegasus Solution

Pegasus Bullion gives you access to the investment grade gold in amounts as low as 1 Gram* to even 1kg bar. We simplify the process and cost structures making it easy for individuals to buy however much

Market Analysis

According to precious metal analysts Gold Fields Mineral Service (GFMS), global demand for gold bullion jumped 37% in 2011 to a new high of 1,209 tons. The report cited strong demand for physical gold
MISSION Pegasus Bullion's mission is to provide retail customers a cost effective and trustworthy way to buy investment grade precious metals including good delivery gold bars.
VISION Our vision is to provide safe and reputable gold and other precious commodities to the marketplace.